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About Us

For Entrepreneurs

“We are looking for You”

We’re on the hunt for passionate entrepreneurs or wantrepreneurs to join Growing Startup. Over the next 12 months we want to find great ideas that can be developed from the genesis of an idea to launch. We’re not tied to any one technology sector, but if you have spotted a problem, think you know how to solve it, and can articulate why this needs solved, that’s what we’re looking for. It doesn’t have to be a tech idea, we’re open to hearing from all potential businesses.

“Unlocking finance”

The key to Growing Startups is the finance that it unlocks. For 10% equity, you will get support worth up to $100,000, £10,000+ and 3 month’s space in the incubator space. This money will give you the chance to take the idea and develop it. Also, our investors will be on hand to mentor and give their expertise, guidance and support.


Over the course of 12 weeks, you’ll be given expert help in developing your business, with access to mentors, networks and skills development.

If you’re interested, and want to hear more about the programme, drop us a line.

It will not stop there !  After successful completion with Growing Startups we introduce you to new programs and our partnership with IBM adds superb value to and savings to your Startup.

£10,000 Investment

We can provide assistance, advice and direction with real investment to grow your ideas.

Free Deskspace Included

Need a workspace ?  We offer deskspace to entrepreneurs and small teams to help you get started.

Additional Funding

Through our mentors we can help you get recognised and take advantage of additional fundung opportunities

Experienced Mentors

Every few weeks we will introduce you to new areas to target and drive your business forward

Our Skills, Talents &


Your Startup has never been in better hands, with offices UK and USA we can drive you forward when you are ready.  The key to growth is getting the right partners and investment at the right time. We have a full partner status with IBM and can offer up to $100,000 worth of support during and after the Growing Startups program.

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Development 0
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Our Startups

Technology in Healthcare, Camera systems operations, Graphic design, Project teams, Drone technology, Security, Marketing solutions, Developers for hire and many more wonderful solutions.

How We Do What We Do and our ”INVESTORS ”

Are you passionate about economic growth in the North West of Ireland? We always need people who have been there, done that, and are ready to give back.  We want to connect you with a series of investments  that can help make this community a better place to live, create jobs and help entrepreneurs get launched. They are relying on your experience and contacts to help them succeed.

Companies need to grow and Growing Startups is designed for passionate ideas to come to the fore allowing you as an investor the chance to give something back.

Get equity in a range of early stage companies, many SEIS or EIS approved. We’re looking to spread the risk over a number of investments, with money being allocated as companies hit milestones.

We’re looking for our investors to take active roles with our companies and ideally looking for key mentoring skills, life lessons and complementary services that can help the businesses grow making sure that these companies and entrepreneurs have the skills and tools to succeed.

We’re not asking for donations. Growing Startups will give you equity in a range of startups. This comes with risks, but working together means that it may also come with rewards.


We have some super hot technology startups looking advice and or seed capital


Working across different sectors and countries, they are worth your time.

Backing with Seed funds

SEIS or EIS approval is part of the program and these firms are ready for investment


It doesnt take much to launch a business, but it takes a team to manage one

We Like To Write About Innovative Ideas

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Make your startup dreams real !!!

If you ever thought about starting and getting your idea into a world market apply here and see what the future holds !

Be part of someone's future ! contact us

Contact Growing Startups

Contact Us For Collaborations, Questions Or To Say Hi


North West Ireland Office

Catalyst Inc, Bay Road, Derry City, BT49 7TG

Email: media@growingstartups.com

Phone: +44 208 144 6117

London Office

22 Wenlock Place, London

Email: media@growingstartups.com

Phone:+44 208 144 6117

San Francisco Office

2119, 21th Street, Suite 721, San Francisco, USA

Email: media@growingstartups.com

GrowingStartups is filled with a variety of tools and advice, made especially for you.

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